Our Facilities

01/11 –  Incubator, Warmers

  • Phoenix company
  • Oval shape warmer bed and height adjustment for easy handling and procedures for more than 2 staff at a time
  • Inbuilt weighing machine and pulse oximetry
  • For better long term results

Our Facilities

02/11 – Ventilators

  • German tech based exclusive for newborn baby (up to 5 kg )
  • 2 Babylog 8000 plus
  • Graphic mode to demonstrate all patient lung physiology with ventilator setting parameters
  • New Volume guaranteed mode for better outcome in preterm HMD and other respiratory morbidities
  • For Non invasive NIMV therapy HFV mode for MAS, PPHN management

Our Facilities

03/11 – Bubble CPAP and HHHFNC

  • Fisher and paykel bubble cpap
  • Heated humidified high flow nasal cannula (HHHFNC)
  • As non invasive respiratory support they minimise injury to baby’s lungs

Our Facilities

04/11 – Monitoring

  • Philips Central monitoring system
  • Philips Multipara 10 monitors with non invasive blood pressure monitoring
  • Dragger 3 multipara with invasive blood pressure monitoring

Our Facilities

05/11 – Drug and IV infusion system

  • Continuous IV infusion pump with delivery capacity up to 0.1 ml/min

Our Facilities

06/11– Neonatal jaundice management

  • Phototherapy : 5
  • Newly launch with best efficacy
  • Results in shorter time so reduce NICU stay
  • Dragerjm 5 transcutaneous billirubinometer to avoid needle pricks in newborns

Our Facilities

07/11– OAE screening

  • Genworksechoscreen
  • Screen babies for hearing
  • Results in shorter time so reduce NICU stay
  • Dragerjm 5 transcutaneous billirubinometer to avoid needle pricks in newborns

Our Facilities

08/11– In house investigation facilities

  • In house x ray machine
  • In house USG machine ESAOTE MYLAB 40for routine cranial ultrasound and 2D echo in VLBW and ELBW preemies.

Our Facilities

09/11– Neonatal transport

  • Within hospital area : baby trolley
  • Outside hospital area : ambulance hondamobilio
  • Upload new image
  • Inbuilt neonatal incubator of phoenix

Our Facilities

10/11– Clean room

  • Autoclave facility
  • ETO facility
  • Sterilization of linen and circuits and NICU equipments

Our Facilities

11/11– Oxygen and air line

  • Dint TECH Central compressor line with filter inbuilt of 0.5 micron capacity
  • Central oxygen line with 8 cylinder capacity
  • Each bed has oxygen and air outlet for ventilator
  • NICU design has been made as per norms of WHO and NNF
  • Spacious NICU (total exclusive NICU hospital area 4250 sqft, only NICU area 1390 sqft)

Our Services

Dr Vaibhav Patel

MD.Pediatrics. IAP Fellow in Neonatology

He is a IAP certified Neonatologist Pediatric physician with a broad range of experience in providing care to critical infants with extreme prematurity, congenital abnormalities and complex heart disease with expertise in quality improvement. He is doing his exclusive newborn practice since last >5 years. He is in pediatric field since last more than 8 years.

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Dr Heena Patel

MBBS, Pediatric nutritionist

She is a Sincere, confident and loving doctor who has now experience of level 3 Nicu care for more than 5 years.

  • Providing emotional support to parents; communicating with parents; providing family-centered developmental care, peer-to-peer support, planning for discharge and beyond; and supporting staff while they support families.
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બવ સારી હોસ્પિટલ છે. અમારા દીકરાને સેફ કરવા બદલ ખુબ ખુબ ધન્યવાદ છે. હાસ્ય હોસ્પિટલ માં બાળકના માતા-પીતા ખરેખર એમના ફેસ પર એક મોટું હાસ્ય લઈને ઘરે પાછું આવે છે. અહીંયા હાસ્ય હોસ્પિટલ આવી જ રીતે દરેક માતા-પિતા ના ફેસ પાર હાસ્ય આપે આવી એમાં ભગવાન ને પ્રાથના કરીએ.

Vandanaben Nirmalbhai Limbachiya (Neev)
– Gadh, Palanpur

ये बच्चा वही हे जो ८ महीने पहले आपके हॉस्पिटल में एडमिट था जो आपने अपनी पूरी मेहनतकी और हमारे बच्चे को हसाया जो आज बिलकुल सवसत हे और खुश हे और हम भी खुश हे इसी लिए आपको भी थेंक्सहैप्पी मदर्स दे.

Kamlakuvar Hemsingh (Pruthvisingh)
– Revdar, Sirohi

But on the feedback side, I really appreciate your services. Especially you as Doctor, kind and polite, caring and understanding the situation. And your staff is well groomed and well trained. I wish all the best for future. May God bless you to take care of infant child.

Poonam Pravin Soni (Krishna)
– Rajasthan