Our vision

1. Cost effective high quality from basic to advanced Newborn care to North Gujarat rural area

2. Awareness and implementation of newborn screening program

3. Intact survival of extreme premature babies

Our goals

1. Best possible nurturing environment

2. Family centre NICU care

3. Protective treatment for premature babies lung, brain to prevent chronic lung disease and Neurodevlopmental disabilities

4. Infection protection

5. Timely visual and hearing screening to prevent impairments

This is How we make a difference

  • Only Neonatologiast/ paediatrician will attend the delivery call. 
  • He/she will be assisted by trained neonatal nursing staff with all needed equipments (if twin delivery – one extra staff).
  • Mother and relative will be counselled by doctor for benefit of Breastfeeding and newborn danger signs.
  • Next newborn evaluation at 24 hrs from birth for birth vaccination and check up for  spo2, UOP, breastfeeding help etc. Educate them for exclusive Breast feeding and newborn care at home.
  • Neonatal transport with transport ventilator for needy baby from OBGY hospital to NICU and if needed after discharge.
  • Level 3 NICU care ( invasive – non invasive ventilator and tender care for critical preemies ).
  • Routine follow OPD for newborn period  and primary vaccination.

Parent friendly environment

The Neonatal Pathway :
Our services for the delivery room call, neonatal transportation and the Level 3 NICU and finally to discharge – focus on providing protective environment and intact outcome to premature babies.

From delivery to discharge :
Our services follow a unique pathway and enable a developmental care-friendly environment to support all the complex needs of the preemies’ developing lung, brain and other organs.

Our Challenges and their solutions:
Our NICU is in rural area of India and we find many challenges to manage these babies. we have tried our best to overcome this by best advanced technology of neonatal care.

To prevent Rapid heat loss & hypothermia :
Stable microclimate environment by phoenix best warming incubator and warmers.

To prevent Nosocomial infections :
Hand wash protocol, cleaning protocol, sterilization by autoclave and ETO, cleaning of NICU, minimal handling, hepafilter flow inbuilt in centralize cooling system, laminar flow.

To prevent Delayed parent bonding :
Family centered care with Position and comfort by parents and our trained nursing staff.

To prevent Visual and auditory stress on baby due to changingenvironment and high light and noise levels :
DGU glass proof windows and doors to avoid noise and NICU music system to stimulate babies with continuous positive sound. Lighting intensity changes to 12 hrs circadian rhythm for a preemies so that they can understand day and night difference. Also setting procedure light to focus particular area with intensity adjustment to avoid unnecessary stimuli.

Ensuring stable and reliable breath rate to minimize risk of insufficient or overinflation of fragile lungs by best dedicated neonatal Draeger Babylog ventilator

Protecting baby from cold stress and providing safe and effective intra hospital transfers along the neonatal pathway with vital signs monitoring, warming and respiratory therapy by our Dedicated transport system.

We deliver tailored solutions dedicated to the special needs of premature babies with low or very low birth weights in our NICU.

Reducing stress and pain for the infant with non invasive therapies like jaundice screening with transcutaneous billirubinometere, NIMV, OAE screening for auditory system.

Basic to advanced -Complete Neonatal Care

For High risk babies – speciality high risk clinics

Other than this we also provide three important silent features :

  1. TCB (Neonatal jaundice screening ) 
  2. 2d Echo (suspected cardiac abnormality) 
  3. cranial sonography of newborns at bedside
  4. Echo Cardiography – in premature babies and critical newborns cardiac screening by 2D echo is very helpful for smooth management.
  5. Ultrasonography – USG cranium screening of premature babies in less than 34 weeks gestational age is important component for Intact Outcome.
  6. Portable X ray machine – preventing unnecessary radiation neonatal X-ray machine reduce exposure for newborn X-rays.